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Family Photo Album
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Here, you will find a few of the photographs which are not exhibited in the book.  If you are interested in viewing the remaining photos related to the book, there is a CD available that contains many more pictures.  Please contact me personally at for more information.

This brief history of Holy Savior Armenian Apostolic Church of West Pullman (Chicago, IL), consecrated on October 26, 1924, is told by Mary L. MOVSISIAN Foess and is based on information she has gathered.

Most of the early settlers in West Pullman, Illinois, were from the city of Perry, in province of Kharpert. The city of Chicago was taking its place to be the greatest industrial city in the U.S.A.; the town of Pullman was founded on the outskirts of Chicago in 1867. Some Armenians came there before the 1895 massacre in Turkey and got jobs in the Pullman Car Company. While they enjoyed their freedom there, their thoughts were on their native land where their loved ones were (Ottoman Empire). They wanted to have a place of worship as their ancestors had had for centuries before them. Their church was their inspiration and strength. A group of devoted Armenians, who became the first trustees of the newly purchased church, were Mr. Hamparsoom Marabanian, Mr. Manoog Movsisian, Mr. Hovagim Fundukian, Mr. Khachadoor Semerdjian, Mr. Khazar Ermoian, Mr. Mardiros Hakalmazian, and Mr. Vartan Hakalmazian. Mr. Garabed Sarkisian became the first Godfather of the church. It was the very first Armenian Apostolic Church in the Midwest: Holy Savior Armenian Apostolic Church. Its location was 12030 S. Wallace Street; the first pastor was Very Rev. Fr. Karekin Hovagimian. The church drew Armenian survivors of the genocide from Hammond and Gary, Indiana, as well, and was the center of all activities, even political ones. Three devoted men organized the Sunday School classes: Mr. Vahan Enokian, Mr. Krikor Simonian, and Mr. Ardashes Nigohosian. Mr. Hovagim Fundukian organized the boys’ and girls’ choir. Some years later, the adult choir was led by Mr. Manoog Movsisian. Mrs. Araxie Mardoian played the organ.

It was an extremely happy day for Holy Savior parishioners when they were informed that His Excellency Archbishop Khoren Paroian, prelate of the Armenians in Lebanon, was going to visit the West Pullman parish on Saturday, December 28, 1957. Also, the parishioners were fortunate to have His Grace Archbishop Hrant Khatchardourian when he performed Mass and celebrated the 36th anniversary of Holy Savior on December 4, 1960. The president of the trustees was Leon Mishmeshian. The church was sold fifty years later on about October 27, 1974. In a farewell speech, he reminded them that Armenians were the first nation to adopt Christianity as a state religion and to give up pagan beliefs. And, anytime the same way their ancestors had done centuries before them. Very Rev. Fr. Sarkis Andreassian, who traveled 25 miles to perform his religious obligations for the parish, expressed his sorrow about the closing of Holy Savior Armenian Apostolic Church.

  Officer P. W. Legg, Washington, D. C., Metropolitan Police Department, Precinct 11
1948 Chevy coupe

For an incredible history of the Washington, D. C.,
Metropolitan Police Department,
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The 1915-1923 Armenian Genocide in the Turkish Empire

Nor Kegh, Charsanjak, Kharpert (near the Euphrates River in eastern Turkey) was rated as the area of the worst destruction.  The massacres were nearly complete; the Turkish armies succeeded in eliminating nearly ALL of the Armenian population in this region of Mother Armenia.  The Tigris-Euphrates River Valley is considered by historians to be the Cradle of Civilization.  My grandparents, Manoog Movsisian and Yeghsapert DEORIAN Movsisian, were among the living, the few who could emigrate to the U.S.A. and start a new life there.

               Homeland of Manoog and Yeghsapert Movsisian: Mary's Maternal Grandparents

Mary's Armenian Relatives: Mr. and Mrs.  Nahabed and Seran Mahtesian & children, 1945,
West Pullman area of Chicago, Illinois

Holy Savior Armenian Apostolic Church, 12030 South Wallace St. Chicago, Illinois, Early 1950's

My grandfather was one of four Armenian men, all  immigrants, who founded the very first Armenian Apostolic Church in the Midwest.  It was consecrated on October 26, 1924 and was located in the West Pullman area of Chicago, Illinois.  My father's side, the Leggs, can  claim recorded lineage to the early 1600's in the northern neck of the Virginias.  This includes two direct line ancestors who fought in the American Revolutionary War.

Picture 1
John W. Foess Family, Vassar, Michigan, 1984

Picture 2
Mary and her adoptive brothers,  1947, Tacoma Park, Maryland, Christmas

Picture 3
Dexter R. Legg, my paternal half brother, and Mary L. LETTS Foess, myself, 1990, Culpeper, Virginia

Picture 4
California Trip, Mary L. LETTS Foess, myself, Alisha Y. Nichols, my granddaughter, Carol M. FOESS Nichols, my daughter, Palm Desert, California, July 1997

Picture 5
Reunion of Mary L. LETTS Foess and Kenneth, my maternal half brother, and myself.  Memorial Day Weekend, Capital City Airport, Lansing, Michigan, May 27, 1987

Picture 6
Manoog Movsisian, my maternal grandfather, Holy Savior Armenian Apostolic Church, Chicago, Illinois, late 1950's

Picture 7
Yeghsapert Movsisian, my maternal grandmother, with an Armenian baby (unknown), Holy Savior Armenian Apostolic Church, Chicago, Illinois, November 1956

Picture 8
Manoog and Yeghsapert Movsisian, my maternal Armenian grandparents, Holy Savior Armenian Apostolic Church, Chicago, Illinois, early 1960's

Picture 9
Thomas Sumpter Legge, my paternal grandfather, Virginia, 1941

Picture 10
Lelia A. WAPLE Legge, my paternal grandmother, Waples Mill, Virginia, 1958

Picture 11
John Henry Waple, my paternal great-grandfather, Waples Mill, Virginia, 1919

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 Percy WAPLE Legg, Washington, D.C., 1951

Tim and his uncle, May 30, 1987, greater
Lansing, Michigan

Mary and her dog, Nicky, 1954
Lansing Township, Michigan


Easter Sunday, 1948, Tacoma Park, Maryland
Thomas G. Letts, Mary Louise Letts, Robert J. Letts

Mary and her maternal half-brother,
1988, California

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